How to improve dolphin kick?

The dolphin kick is one of the fastest kick as some times refer to fifth stroke of swimming as it is so difficult to do. But keep in mind that you need more efficiency while performing this move. In Olympics you were probably watched extreme powerful dolphin kicks. The flexibility of hips and knees make them more efficient and looks almost inhuman. These kicks can often feel impossible but you don’t feel too discourage. If you want to improve your dolphin kick then visit on and if need to improve overall practices. The dolphin kick is the fastest and best way to come out of a turn while building speed. Kicking with this method is a great core workout. If you want to learn dolphin kick easily then you need to follow two steps: first preparing yourself outside the water and the second practicing in the water.


  1. Preparing yourself outside of the water: first you need to practice on dry land before you hit the water. It will be useful to connect with your body on land. You just need to follow some steps to practice on land:
  • Begin the standing upright position and feet your hips-distance apart.
  • Just focus on your breath and close your eyes.
  • Take 10 times breath cycle.

The second thing is to gently warm up your core. You can’t afford to neglect your core if you want to master of dolphin kick. Your legs are connected with your core and while swimming work with it. You need some exercises:

  • Standing upright with your feet hip-distance apart.
  • Roll your shoulders two times.
  • You need to draw your upper ribs in.
  • Trying to make sure that your tailbone in pointing straight down.

Then try to perform rolling movement while standing and also enlist the help of a friend that can help you to define your strength and weakness and also give your solid idea that might be even better choice.

  1. Practicing in the water:you need take few laps before warms up in the water. Do not roll your body standing upright in the water and perform the same body roll motion you did when you were on land. You need to flip onto your stomach in the water through these techniques:
  • First, lie flat on your stomach and head in the line with the body.
  • Keep your face looking down in the water
  • Keep your legs and feet together, and your toes pointing in the direction of the end of the pool
  • Then press your chest down and release it.
  • At the same time press your hips down at the same direction and release them.
  • After releasing your hips again press your chest and repeat the same practice.

Your legs should go down when your hips move and your knees must be slightly bent during this motion. You need to add some power to execute the kick. While executing dolphin kick, push your chest a few inches into water and then draw it back. Then push your hips and release them. Move your hips upward with straighten legs. You need to keep your feet moving at the end of a downward kick.

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